Michael D. Howard & Associates is  Bonded & Insured 
 Private Investigator CA License  No. 21573

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Michael D. Howard and Associates Schedule of Fee's  
Michael D. Howard has one of the best rate structures for the level of services provided. Most agencies charges are set at $95 per man hours and above. Our rate structure is based on our 22 years experience on what it truly takes to begin servicing your needs in a cost effective manner. All services by our agency are provided only under contractual agreement. If you are an individual who is self represented( Attorney Pro Per) it is recommended that you always seek legal counsel and that that counsel retains our services on your behalf. 

All retainer fees are fully applied to case work and is undertaken and are drawn against  at the time service is rendered for any given tasks. All retainers must be refreshed and on deposit as our investigative efforts are being conducted. Please note we do not do accept contingency fee case work. 

 Our fee structure is as follows:

1. Base rate of $75 per person hour plus expenses (mileage and ancillary/incidental expenses)

2. Administrative/ Research Associate/Secretarial services billed separately at rate of $45 per person hour

3. Trial preparation & Expert witness are sourced out and billed accordingly

4. A Consultation Fee of $150 plus expenses is required for case intake and is fully applicable towards retainer fee charges. 1 hour of consultation is guaranteed. 

5. Retainer fees are required with payment in full. As a guideline you can expect:

a. Wrongful deaths retainer and or homicide defense $3500.00

b. Habeas Petitions & related investigation involving claims of factual innocence $3000.00 including the review and reading Case files and related court documents. 

c. Witness interviews in custody prisoners of distances over 500 (one way) miles require retainer of $1500.00. All expenses must be paid prior to generation of reports

d. Witness interviews of in custody prisoners fewer than 400 miles round trip require a $1500 retainer. 

e. All other felonies (non complex cases) and or misdemeanor defense investigations including preliminary hearings $ 1200 retainer.  

6. All Services requiring investigator to travel over 200 miles requires an additional per denim travel expense of for meals and logging of $130.00 per day. 

7. Consultation services for those who plan to conduct the bulk of their own investigative efforts are charged at $45 per hour. No insurance coverage for is provided under this provisions of our service agreement except for overt errors & omissions and or negligence on our part.